Ethical Beauty

Our commitment

Doing the right thing: It seems simple, but our industry is notorious for unethical behavior. The client is who ultimately pays the price.  When you come to E. Mia you can count on transparency in everything we do as integrity is one of our core values. We are very proud to lead a movement called the ethical beauty revolution. The foundation of this movement is to inspire clients to invest in themselves through the purchase of  beauty experiences based on values and safety.  Below you will find our ethical beauty manifesto.

  1. Paying employees a fair, living wage, legally.

  2. Employing only legally licensed therapists that have actually completed the formal education to obtain their license.

  3. Transparency in the ingredients that we use in our services and minimizing the potentially harmful ingredients whenever possible.

  4. Following safe beauty practices without compromise as dictated by the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

  5. Providing additional education to our therapists so they never have to sacrifice their nor our clients’ health and safety because they lacked advanced education opportunities.

  6. Run a profitable business that pays its’ local, state and federal tax obligations.

  7. A commitment to creating and maintaining a company culture where safety, peace, authenticity, and harmony are the norm, not the exception.

  8. To make choices based on our planet's health as well as our clients’ and therapist’ health.

  9. Proactively providing a solution to the lack of professionalism in our industry.   Our Aspire training program provides much-needed education to spa industry newbies so that they may be valued as professionals.

  10. Being of service to beauty professionals who are inspired to work ethically and create a new paradigm that is the change we want to see in our industry.

Facials are truly amazing. My skin is transformed and the chance to relax in the divine recline chair is true self-care.
— Naomi D.
As always, my experience was wonderful. Greeting warmly and well cared for. Everyone is kind and the quality of the service is the best I have found.
— Nancy C.

The Price of Ethical Beauty

You've probably thought about how much you pay for a manicure or pedicure, but you may not have thought about what's behind the price. Thanks to the 2015 New York Times exposé, The Price of Nice Nails, we can all become more educated about ethical salon practices and make better choices.

Read NY Times article here

Understanding the Nail Industry

We are proud that one of the companies that lives our ethical business values was featured in this article, published by Glamour magazine, about tipping in the nail industry. While the article is about tipping at nails salons, it also focused on illegal employment practices that happen in our beauty businesses. We are proud that Laquer nail salons is helping further expose unethical employment practices.

Read the full story here

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